About the Wates Group

Wates Support for the Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment

Wates is committed to promoting the construction industry as an exciting place to work with excellent career prospects in a variety of roles, from the professional to skilled tradesman, from management to creative designers and administration to operational control.

We fully support and actively engage in employment and training within local communities. In addition to supporting the local economy, this provides greater predictability for our projects, by minimising travel, travelling time and of course reducing carbon emissions.

"It’s easy for employers like us to tell the educators what we want and just leave it to them, but history shows that this won’t work. We have to engage fully in this process."

Chris Simpson, Wates Education Liaison Manager

Wates Group is committed to ensuring its work within the education sector goes beyond buildings and has been a supporter of the Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment throughout its development and inception.

Two men holding a diploma

With a dedicated education support team, we have developed strong working relationships with a number of colleges in the Southeast, most notably Croydon College. We have provided work experience to students and teachers, providing professional staff to take seminars on subjects such as safety, design, and engineering as well as enabling visits to live building sites in a safe and informative environment.

Wates Group is the first contractor to be recognised under the Diploma Recognition Scheme. We are currently supporting the Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment in colleges such as Croydon, Bexley, East Surrey College, and the Norwich and Mid Kent Consortia.

The Diploma provides an alternative approach to learning for 14-19 year olds, who at an early stage wish to specialise in a particular field or industry. It provides a three tier qualification that is nationally recognised and accredited and can be studied in conjunction with other recognised qualifications such as GCSEs.

This tiered qualification, awarded level one to three, is equivalent to:

  • Foundation Level – 5 GCSEs grades D – G
  • Higher Level – 7 GCSEs grades A – C
  • Advanced Level – 3.5 ‘A’ levels

One of the main features of the new Diploma is that it actively encourages employer engagement with colleges and students, but more importantly provides the opportunity for students to gain invaluable work experience.

The Diploma is one of several pathways to a career in Construction alongside GCSE/A levels, Apprenticeships, NVQs and degrees.

We welcome and support the Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment, particularly as it relies on Employer engagement to be successful. A key focus of the Diploma is on Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS), which are critical to students’ personal development.

The Wates Group consider the National Diploma an excellent academic pathway into a variety of careers and /or Further Education. Opportunities can exist on the Wates Apprenticeship programme or later on to the Wates Management Programme, Insight, which accommodates both post graduate and day release students.

Applications to Wates from students that have completed the Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment would be considered alongside applicant from other learning pathways, to preserve the diversity of backgrounds and experience of our people, which is one of our strengths. Diploma students would compare favourably due to their experiential knowledge of the industry. This knowledge contributes to students making a much more informed career choice later on.

In conclusion, Wates has a long history of supporting young people in all stages of education, and encouraging them to consider a career in the challenging and rewarding environment of the construction industry. The Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment provides the Wates Group with an innovative and exciting opportunity to have additional input into further education and to help shape the next generation of the industry.