About the Wates Group

Wates Giving

This website is an initiative of The Wates Giving programme funded by the Wates Family Enterprise Trust.

The Wates Family Enterprise Trust (WFET) provides a means for the Wates Family owners to act as catalysts for projects from conception to implementation that will enhance the role they believe business has to play in the community.

Through Wates Giving, the Wates Family owners will donate around £1 million each year to back charitable work that will make a real difference to communities in which we live, work and build, and add value to our business.

  • Wates Family Enterprise Trust - today's philanthropy in action for tomorrow's needs.
  • The Wates Family believes that WFET will be a model example of how 21st century businesses can harness their resources for the benefit of the communities within which they operate.
  • The purpose of WFET is to connect the motivation of the Wates Family patrons to the resources, enthusiasm, leadership and knowledge of our enterprises and in so doing create opportunities to make a positive social impact on the communities in which we work.

WFET is a registered charity set up in 2008 to deliver the charitable objectives of the Wates Family, owners of the Wates Group, through a charitable programme called Wates Giving. Although formed to deliver its objectives in support of the Group’s work, the Trust’s decision-making is independent of the Group and is made by its charity trustees, its Directors, all of whom are members of the Wates family.