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What is CBE Learning?

CBE Learning is an educational website which supports the Diploma qualification in Construction and the Built Environment. It is a free resource which can be used by teachers, tutors and students, and helps bring the construction industry to life through a range of engaging activities and information.

The site is supported by Edexcel, a major examining body, and by the industry body Construction Skills. It will be useful to all students on The Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment irrespective of the awarding body.

What are the Diplomas?

The Diplomas are new qualifications in England which are being offered as part of the 14-19 Reform of education alongside the existing GCSE qualifications. The Diploma combines practical and theoretical learning. The emphasis is on helping students understand why skills and knowledge are important, particularly in a work-related environment. Construction and the Built Environment was one of the first phase of subjects to be introduced in September 2008 and is being delivered by a number of consortia of schools and colleges with the support of employers, including Wates.
More information can be found on the Diploma website www.direct.gov.uk/diplomas

Why is Wates involved?

Wates is committed to offering educational support to young people and encouraging them into a career in the construction industry. The company has been a supporter of The Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment since its inception.

How can you help your child?

One of the aims of the Diploma is to develop young people’s Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS). Over a number of years, a framework for PLTS within the curriculum has been developed in consultation with employers, parents, schools, students and the wider public. The framework describes the qualities and skills needed for success in learning and life. As a parent or carer, you can help to encourage your child to develop the PLTS to become an:

  • independent enquirer
  • creative thinker
  • reflective learner
  • effective participator
  • team worker
  • self-manager.

By browsing through the students’ section of the site, you will gain an overview of the topics that are covered by the Diploma. As a parent, homeowner or local resident, you may have personal experience of some of the issues and you can help to bring these to life for your child:

  • Mention any examples of consultations or planning permissions that you come across in your local area.
  • Discuss news stories about energy efficient buildings – keep clippings.
  • Talk to your child about their school as a building and what sorts of improvements they would make to it.
  • Point out health and safety signage around building sites and other facilities you see while out and about and ask if you don’t understand what they mean.
  • Discuss your child’s potential career path in the light of what they have learnt.

There are many career paths available to students in the CBE sector, ranging from site based careers, to office based roles, using skills gained at college or university or trade and crafts skills gained through apprenticeships, in management, the design professions, or in CBE support industries. The Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment is now one of the main gateways to all of these careers. The site will be a useful resource when discussing with your child their career options and whether they would enjoy studying for a Diploma at 14-16.

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