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image: Wates workers on site

Safety starts at the design stage – with buildings that will be safe to construct and safe to use. The Wates Group works hard to prevent accidents and to protect the health of everyone on its sites.

Two things guide the Group: health and safety legislation, and its own Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) Policy. Wates’ commitment to safety starts at the top:

The HSEQ Policy lists what each person must do – from Directors to site workers. It makes it clear that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, or CDM 2007, set out the safety standards that all companies must obey.

Safety isn’t ‘something else’ to think about. It’s a central part of daily life on site. A safe site prevents injury and saves lives. But it also makes a site more efficient.

Because while safety is the Group’s first priority, Wates never loses sight of its goal: to deliver for our clients on time, on budget, every time.

A safe design and a safe site help to make this possible – and the DQI process does as well. DQI helps to ensure that the design is in line with its budget at each stage. And before the building is occupied, its new users can decide whether it’s up to scratch.




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Personal learning & thinking skills

As you explore this section, think about how you can be an:

  • an independent enquirer
  • a creative thinker
  • a reflective learner
  • an effective participator
  • a team worker
  • a self-manager

Site safety

Race against the clock to identify all of the on-site hazards.