3.4 Plant

Building with machines

image: Machinery on site

Every construction site is busy with people. But it’s the plant (machines) that do the heavy work.

  • Think of as many types of construction plant as you can.
  • Make notes on what you think each machine does.

Modern powered machinery makes construction safer and faster. It makes taller and larger buildings possible.

Look at the statements below. Discuss why each one creates a benefit:

  • Tower cranes can lift loads to great heights.
  • Mobile cranes can position very long, heavy steel beams.
  • Large excavators can quickly prepare the ground.
  • Dumper trucks can carry heavy loads off site.
  • Wrecking arms can demolish unstable structures.




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Functional skills

  • Organise your ideas into large and small plant.
  • Use the right technical language to describe each function.

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