3.4 Plant

Stay safe around construction plant

image: Man working safely with machinery

Even a small construction plant can be dangerous. Plant operators are highly trained. They are taught to keep a look out for site workers. But there are times when they must concentrate on the job in hand, or when their visibility is limited.

This is why it is your responsibility to stay clear of construction plant.

You are the safety officer for a busy site:

  • Write down the hazards that construction plant presents.
  • Add your ideas on how the risks from each hazard can be reduced by
    • the plant operator
    • every person working on the site.

Use your ideas to create:

  • a safety poster, or
  • a short safety talk about construction plant.

By law, there are rules on how construction plant must be checked each day, week, month and year. There are also rules on who can operate each machine and how they must be trained.

  • How do these rules help to make a site safe?

A safe site is also one that children cannot enter.

  • How might you make the perimeter of the site secure?
  • Imagine that you must give a talk to a nearby primary school. How would you warn children of the dangers?




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Every day is as different as you make it. There’s always an opportunity to learn something new.

Sam Doran
Commercial Trainee