3.3 Preparing the ground


Before construction begins, the team needs to prepare the ground. Groundworks and excavations create a level, firm surface. This is just as important for developments on brownfield sites. These are places that have been built on in the past.

  • Why might a brownfield site need preparation? Discuss your ideas.
  • List some things that might need to be done.

You must plan the first work that will take place on a new project:

  • Organise this information in a new table. The stages below are in the wrong order, and the explanations don’t match.
Stage Explanation
Clearance Establishing the work to be done and the bearing capacity of the subsoil.
Stabilising Stripping away the ground or adding hardcore to create a level surface at the right level.
Site survey and tests Removal of waste, hazards and the remains of old buildings.
Excavation and filling Compressing and flattening to create a final surface.
Compacting Adding concrete or hardcore to areas that are less stable.

Brownfield sites often use non-hazardous rubble for filling and stabilising.

  • Explain in a few words why this makes the build more sustainable.

You are a planner for an upcoming project. You must order the construction plant (machinery) to prepare the ground.

  • Research the plant that is used to prepare the ground (see Take it further for links to some of our suppliers)
  • List what plant you might need.




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Functional skills

  • Structure your explanation to show the different outcomes when demolition waste is used.