3.2 Safety

How can I be safe?

image: Wates worker dressed safely on site

Wates helps site workers to be safe by training operatives and using safety handouts. These don’t just cover the obvious dangers, but other topics including drugs, alcohol and exposure to the sun.

  • Why might some prescription drugs affect your work on site?
  • Why might a heavy night out present a danger on site the next day?
  • Why is it important to keep covered up, even on sunny days?

Take a look at extracts from the Wates document SHE Matters on site to help you with these questions.

Find out more about what the law expects you to do on site:

In a group, briefly discuss or role-play one of the ideas below:

  1. You must create a system to report risks on site. Discuss and agree a simple, effective system.
  2. You must brief new site workers on how to be safe. Use the CDM 2007 guidance (link above) to create a short safety presentation. Present it to another group.
  3. Think of some hazards and risks that are specific to your chosen trade or career. Create a safety poster for apprentices joining your site team.




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Enterprise skills

  • Risk-management
  • Economic and business understanding

The enterprise process:

  • Implementing