3.2 Safety

Safety systems work

When safety systems are taken seriously, they work.

image: Wates worker dressed safely on site

Since 2000, there have been 42% fewer reported accidents on Wates Group sites. Everybody, from site workers to Directors, has taken their safety responsibilities seriously.

The Wates Group wants to do better. Its goal is that by 2010, there will be zero site injuries that cause one or more days absence. The right policies and systems are vital.

Wates uses a ‘near miss’ reporting system. This means that even near misses must be reported. Hopefully they will not become accidents the next time they happen.

  • Why might this system be a good way to prevent accidents?

When you join your first site, make sure you do YOUR bit to make your site a zero injury workplace:

  • Make a list of ten things that you can do to work safely on site.
  • Keep this with you. Use it to remind you to work safely!




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Enterprise skills

  • Risk-management
  • Economic and business understanding

The enterprise process:

  • Implementing