3.5 Services and fixes

Put the jobs in order

The list below shows some jobs needed to complete a workshop in a new college. The workshop will have plastered stud walls and a suspended ceiling.

You are a planner in the construction team. You need to plan the first and second fixes, and brief the craft foremen on site.

Decide which jobs should take place before or after:

  • the walls are boarded and plastered
  • the suspended ceiling boards are put in place
  • the flooring is laid.

Suggest the best order for the jobs:

  • Attach ceiling lights
  • Attach wall sockets
  • Wiring for lights
  • Wiring for wall-mounted power sockets (in conduit)
  • Attach conduit for wall wiring
  • Painting
  • Underfloor wiring for bench power sockets
  • Underfloor cabling for bench network sockets
  • Plumbing for wall-mounted sinks
  • Piping for sprinkler system
  • Route air conditioning ducting
  • Attach sprinklers
  • Attach sinks
  • Attach fittings: light switches, handwash dispenser and towel dispenser, air conditioning controls
  • Cabling for wall-mounted network sockets (in conduit)
  • Stud wall frame
  • Attach door
  • Hang ceiling framework
  • Install wooden workbenches
  • Once you have ordered your list, make a note of which trade should complete each job.
  • Create a job list for the Trade manager of one of these trades.




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Functional skills

Work in a way that suits you best. You could:

  • work down the list, re-writing each item in two new lists.
  • print and cut out the list and rearrange the items on the table in front of you, and use this to create your lists.

The enterprise process:

  • Planning

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