3.1 Site management

Who organises a site?

A large project needs a large workforce. Managing that team is a big job. And there is more than just people: the equipment, materials and budget all need to be managed.

You are the Project Manager for a new development. Build your team for the project:

In pairs, use the table to help you fill in the gaps in the template.

This is a very simple example of a site management structure. In reality, the large projects that the Wates Group delivers can involve over a hundred subcontractors, as well as teams of consultants that will work for both Wates and our clients. This needs a management team that is far larger and more complex than the one that you’ve explored.

  • Find out more about some of the many on-site jobs available with the Wates Group. Use the careers section of the website.




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Enterprise skills

  • Risk-management
  • Economic and business understanding

The enterprise process:

  • Planning