4.1 Defects

Snag sheets

"The best way to deal with problems is to avoid them. And the best way to do that is for everyone to communicate. I deal with the contracts for projects. I spend a lot of my time organising meetings between internal and external professionals to resolve problems before they get out of hand.

Even so, some problems can go undetected. Before a new building opens, each room is given a snag sheet. Snag sheets are a system to record defects. They allow the contractor and the new owner to review any problems and agree how to resolve them."

Alistair Harris, Wates Trainee

image: Project manager holding plans

You are a Project Manager. You are meeting the Head Teacher of a new school. You are going to review everyone’s snag sheets and agree what must be made good before the school opens.

In pairs, discuss the snag sheets that you have just completed, or role-play a meeting. One person can play the role of the Head. The other can be the Project Manager.

  • As Head, what will you want from the meeting?
  • As Project Manager, how will you want to respond?
  • In a group, consider why a construction company would want to avoid defects.




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It’s great to work on something from start to finish, beginning with a blank canvas and ending with a complete building.

Alistair Harris
Commercial Trainee

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