4.2 Handover documents


The logbook is a bit like the log that comes with a new car. It’s a quick guide to the building, with instructions on the main tasks that must be done. It must also provide information on the building’s energy use and efficiency.

You are putting together the logbook for a new school.

  • What is the purpose of the building? Think about how you might describe this in the logbook.
  • Why is it important that the school does not house too many students and staff? Think of some reasons.
  • What maintenance might be required:
    • on major equipment
    • on the buildings?
  • Why is maintenance so important? List some reasons.
  • Why is it important to record the building’s planned energy requirements as well as it’s actual energy use over time?
  • Why is it important to record future building work?




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Enterprise skills

The enterprise process:

  • Tackling a problem or need
  • Planning