4.3 Sustainable use

Using energy

image: Project team meeting

During handover, the project team will train the facilities manager. The project team will hand over the documents that explain how to operate each system. This vital step helps the building to perform as well as it should.

But people don’t always act in the right way!

Your project team is discussing how a new building might use more energy than intended:

  • Consider how a building might be used differently, in ways that increase its energy use. Here are some ideas:
    • The main thermostat is kept at 25 oC
    • Rear doors are often propped open
    • The heating system is not maintained
    • Some lights are left on all day and night
    • Windows are opened in hot rooms
    • Some hot taps are left running.
  • What more can you think of? Use your home, school or college as an example.
  • Now think of why people might do these things.




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It’s great to work on something from start to finish, beginning with a blank canvas and ending with a complete building.

Alistair Harris
Commercial Trainee