1.1 Consultations

Ask other students what they think

DQI workshops can't involve everybody. DQI uses a simple questionnaire to help people express their ideas.

Find out what other students think of your school or college:

  1. Download Questionnaire (927 KB)
  2. Use it to ask other students what they think. Ask at least 20 from different courses. You could also ask some tutors.
  3. Enter your results into a spreadsheet. Use it to analyse your results.
  4. Discuss their ideas in your class or course group. What are the most important views or ideas?
  5. You could present your results to your school or college's leadership team.




Log in to save your work and track your progress. Ask your teacher for your user name and password.

functional skills

  • Give each answer a value (eg 0 for strongly disagree, up to 5 for strongly agree).
  • Work out the average response to each question.
  • Use the graph function to present your results. Select ‘RADAR’ in the graph tool. This will present your data just like in the real DQI tool.