1.1 Consultations

Why do buildings matter?

Buildings affect how people feel. They can affect your health and how well you work or learn.

Think about your school or college:

  • On your own, consider some words that describe how it makes you feel.
  • Think about the buildings and grounds. How would you change or improve them? List your ideas.
  • Now consider how you would like to feel.

Share your lists as a group:

  • Write everyone’s words in a ‘cloud’ on the board. Use bigger letters for words that lots of people used.
  • Make a ‘top ten’ list of how your group would change your school or college.
  • Create a second ‘word cloud’ to show how these changes would help you feel.

DQI allows you to express feelings and ideas like these. It helps teachers and students to agree what features would be most important in a new school.




Log in to save your work and track your progress. Ask your teacher for your user name and password.

Functional skills

  • Give each answer a value (eg 0 for strongly disagree, up to 5 for strongly agree).
  • Work out the average response to each question.
  • Use the graph function to present your results. Select ‘RADAR’ in the graph tool. This will present your data just like in the real DQI tool.