1.1 Consultations

Take it further with these ideas and web links

The DQI process can include visits to buildings that show good design.

Consider the following:

  • Which buildings would you like to visit in your community?
  • See if you can arrange a visit.
  • How will you record what you see?

Imagine that you must explain DQI to your Head or Principal. Visit www.dqi.org.uk and explore the information for schools. Search the internet for images of these buildings.

Find out what each one is for:

  1. London Transport Museum, Covent Garden
  2. Stratford Eye, East London
  3. Langley Academy, Slough
  4. Christ's College/Pond Meadow School, Guildford
  5. Birmingham Town Hall
  6. 30 St Mary Axe, London ('The Gherkin')
  7. Eden Project, Cornwall
  8. Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
  9. Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh
  10. Birmingham Bull Ring
  11. Terminal 5, Heathrow
  12. Imperial War Museum of the North, Salford
  13. Wembley Stadium
  14. 2012 Olympic site, Stratford, London

Then ask yourself the following questions of each of the buildings:

  • Does it stick out, or blend in?
  • Does it suit its purpose?
  • Do people like to use it?
  • Would you want it in your community?




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