1.0 Consultation

Consultations help to build better communities. They let local people have their say in new developments.

The Design Quality Indicator, or DQI, is one consultation process. The stages in DQI help everyone to agree what is most important and to decide on the best design. DQI can help a community to replace old buildings with new ones that people want and enjoy.

image: Design team meeting

During each stage of its life, a building uses energy and materials. DQI helps to create new buildings that use less and are more efficient. This reduces their impact on our environment: it helps them to be more sustainable.

DQI helps the construction industry to work with a community. The right buildings make a community a better place to live and work.

How can you play a part in this?




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Personal learning & thinking skills

As you explore this section, think about how you can be an:

  • independent enquirer
  • creative thinker
  • reflective learner
  • effective participator
  • team worker
  • self-manager

A sustainable school

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