1.3 Lifecycle

Plan a more sustainable construction project

Wates uses an environmental policy to guide how it acts.

You are a design team working on a new development.
Your client wants the building to be more sustainable throughout its life.

  • If you want, choose what your development will be.
  • Discuss the activities that you have organised on the previous screen, such as energy use. Add in other activities that you think of as well.
  • For each activity, agree one thing that will make your project more sustainable during its lifecycle. This could be an action or a design idea.
  • Use a table to sort your ideas into lifecycle stages.
  • You could present your table to your ‘client’ in a role-play.




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Functional skills

  • In your ‘meeting’, use the right vocabulary to ask questions and record your ideas.
  • Do the same during your role-play presentation. What questions would you want to ask as a client of a construction company?

Enterprise skills

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Economic and business understanding

The enterprise process:

  • Tackling a problem or need
  • Planning