1.2 Sustainability

Take it further with these ideas and web links

Think about the construction career that you are working towards. Write down some ways in which YOU could work more sustainably. Remember these as you complete your studies, and when you enter the world of work.

One planet living

One way to describe sustainability is to think about ‘one planet living’.

Sustainable schools

The government would like all schools to be sustainable by 2020. To help schools work towards this, they have created a National Framework.

The Wates Report

Wates is at the forefront of creating a sustainable construction industry. The Wates Report ‘Failing communities: Breaking the cycle’ explains the Group’s approach.

Find out more about carbon emissions and carbon footprints

Indicators and benchmarks help the construction industry to become more sustainable:

Indicators are ways in which we can measure a building’s performance.

Benchmarks are performance standards. They allow us to compare different buildings.

A number of benchmarks can help new schools to be more sustainable:

  • Explore ‘10 pointers towards more sustainable buildings’ at www.aecb.net
  • Go to www.breeam.org and click on ‘BREEAM: Education’ (The web page provides an overview. Free registration is required to access the documents.)




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I thought I’d be in the minority being a woman in the construction industry but that’s really starting to change...

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