1.2 Sustainability

A sustainable construction industry

The Wates Group aims for sustainable development that creates sustainable communities:

Sustainable development invests resources like …

  • land
  • energy
  • materials
  • manpower
  • money
  • time
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… in ways that balance three important sets of outcomes…

  • social + outcomes
  • environmental + outcomes
  • economic + outcomes
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… to create sustainable communities where people want to live and work, now and in the future.

  • well planned
  • safe
  • inclusive
  • good services for all
  • equality of opportunity

Imagine that you are in a team that will develop a new school. You need to include a list of outcomes in your planning application.

  • How might your school help the community? In your group, think of some positive social, economic and environmental outcomes.
  • Present your outcomes in a two-page summary. Use a computer to write up your ideas.

Remember that your document needs to persuade the planners that your outcomes will help the community.




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I thought I’d be in the minority being a woman in the construction industry but that’s really starting to change...

Claudia Farmer
Commercial Trainee