1.2 Sustainability

Wates: taking action

The Wates Group is taking action on reducing waste and carbon emissions


The construction industry produces around 94 million tonnes of waste each year. This is more than all the homes in the UK create. Construction waste can include timber off-cuts, gypsum (plasterboard), aggregates and many other materials that could be recycled.

In 2008, Wates diverted 84% of its non-hazardous waste from landfill. By 2010, we want this to be 100%.


The construction industry uses a lot of energy. The Wates Group has a target to reduce its total carbon emissions by 10% each year. The Group has reduced emissions from its head office by 10%, and lowered its emissions from business travel by 4% per capita (person).

Buildings create 50% of the UK’s carbon emissions. Wates aims to assess the carbon footprint of each building that it delivers. This helps the owner to make better decisions about using energy.




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I thought I’d be in the minority being a woman in the construction industry but that’s really starting to change...

Claudia Farmer
Commercial Trainee