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Welcome to CBE Learning from the Wates Group

Working towards a Level 1 or 2 Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment? You’re in the right place. CBE Learning is for all students aiming for a job in the construction industry. You’ll find tonnes of online activities and an interactive game that puts YOU in control of a building project. You'll need to manage the build right from the start. Will you take the right decisions and get things done on time – and on budget?

Whether you want to learn a craft trade, enter the professions (architect, engineer, planner, surveyor), or become a technician or a manager, it's important to invest in the right skills.

CBE Learning will help you to:

  • explore what it’s really like to work on a big project
  • do your best in your Diploma learning
  • take on challenges
  • develop your skills
  • explore real careers in the construction industry.

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So start exploring today: see Wates at work with our Site cam, meet our staff in the Careers section, build a new sports college in the SchoolBuilder challenge, or explore the online Activities.




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Meet our staff in the
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