2.3 Planning and building regulations

What is your Local Development Framework?

Local Development Frameworks, sometimes called Local Plans, show how your local area may change in the next few years. They include: maps that show how the land is divided up and documents that provide background information and guidance.

You can view your local plan online, or download maps and guidance:

  • Find out the name of your local authority.
  • Search for '(your local authority) local plan' or use their website to find it.

You are part of the design team working on a new development in your community. Brief the team on what can be built where in your community:

  • Print a Local Plan map of a small part of your area.
  • Label the map to show the main zones that are marked.
  • Give a one-minute presentation, explaining each zone and what it means for developers.




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Functional skills

  • If it’s hard to find, call or write an email to your council asking for help.
  • Work out what you want to say before you begin.
  • Get feedback on your presentation: ask your audience some questions to see if they were listening.