2.0 Design

Good design starts with people

Designers use the DQI process to think about how people use buildings:

image: Design team meeting
  • They work with users, and the client, to understand their needs.
  • They use this understanding to agree a specification for the building.

The specification lists the features that it needs to have. Good designers use these as a starting point. The best designs meet the client’s specifications. They are also safe and efficient to build. But they are also creative.

image: Designers at work

Good designers help clients to adopt new ideas. This can improve the built environment. It can also reduce our effect on the natural one.

DQI allows people to review the designs before they are signed off. This makes sure that the designers are really listening to what they say.

Designing using DQI is a team effort. But every member of the design team has a single goal: to create buildings that people like to use.




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Personal learning & thinking skills

As you explore this section, think about how you can be an:

  • independent enquirer
  • creative thinker
  • reflective learner
  • effective participator
  • team worker
  • self-manager

Create a low energy building

Drag and drop icons to build your school and see how it uses the suns energy.