In this interactive challenge, the Wates Group has won the tender to build a new sports college in Brickford and you’ve been chosen to be in the project management team. Your challenge is to successfully guide the construction project through to completion.

The game takes place over four phases. Each phase will present you with a new task and demand a different set of skills. You will be briefed on your role at the start of each phase.

You are about to move into phase two, Design.

Just like in a real project, you’ll have to obtain certification in order to proceed to the next phase, so you must make sure you complete each phase thoroughly. The decisions you make in each phase will be carried forward to the next phase and like a real construction project, you may be asked to justify your decisions later on in the game. So think carefully before answering!

If you are logged in your game will autosave every time you complete a phase so your decisions will be saved for you to continue at another time. Ask your teacher for a username and password if you don’t already have them. You can log in to the right. It is also possible to start playing the game at any phase.

Good luck! And remember our Wates business values as you work: Work as a team. Act with integrity. Think things through. And never forget the students and community that you’re working for.




Log in to save your work and track your progress. Ask your teacher for your user name and password.

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