2.5 Low energy buildings

Renewable energy sources

image: Building with solar shading panel front

Your low energy building may need some top-up heat on the coldest days. It will also contain equipment and appliances that use electricity.

  • What school equipment uses electricity?
  • Will some classrooms need more than others?

Many low energy buildings use renewable energy:

Solar hot water This uses the sun’s energy to heat water in panels on the roof.
Solar electricity This uses photo voltaic cells to generate electricity in panels on the roof.
Wind or water power This uses the energy in moving air or water to turn a generator.
Biomass heating systems These run on waste plant materials.
Ground source heat pumps These draw ‘low level’ heat from the ground. They use it to provide space heating or hot water.

Your design team is working on a refurbishment of your own school or college. You are asked to generate 20% of its energy needs on site.

  • Research each source on the internet.
  • Identify which ones might be best for your school or college.
  • Think about your location and the buildings on site.
  • Present your ideas in a diagram or one-minute presentation. Justify your choices.




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