2.5 Low energy buildings

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The Wates Group has been involved in low energy buildings for a long time: in 1975, Wates constructed a low energy house at CAT – the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Find out more at:

CAT has also produced a report on how Britain could become a ‘zero carbon society’.

Take a look at these other low-energy buildings already in use:

Home energy labelling

If you want to sell a house in the UK, you now have to get it energy-rated – just like a new appliance. This rating tells potential buyers how energy-efficient the house is and how efficient it could be made.

  • Search for ‘energy performance certificates’ to find out more.

All the way to zero

The government wants all new homes to be ‘zero energy’ from 2016, and from 2019, all public buildings. These will need to use low-energy designs and get their remaining energy from renewable sources.




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