2.5 Low energy buildings

Create a low energy building

Building regulations (Part L) make sure that new buildings don’t use too much energy to heat. But it’s possible to do much better than this standard. Low energy buildings use clever materials and designs to stay warm. Almost any building can be a low energy building. Most low energy buildings use energy from the sun. This is called a passive solar design. It works even in the winter.

Now explore how a low-energy building works:

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Use the interactive to help explain low-energy building design:

  • Imagine that you are giving a presentation as part of the DQI process. You need to include a handout that explains low-energy design.
  • Explain how the design works: use each step to help you write a sentence.
  • Organise your ideas into a one-page handout. Use ICT to make this look professional.

The government wants all new houses to be ‘zero energy’ buildings by 2016. That is, their energy needs for heating will be so low that they can be supplied by renewable sources, so the houses don’t contribute to global warming. The building regulations that govern energy use are changing to help the construction industry meet this target.




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