Technology & styles

Why are buildings so different?

Image: Modern glass-fronted building

Building designs have changed a lot over time. Today, new developments use different styles and materials. Why do you think this is?

Survey the buildings in your town or community:

  • In small groups, choose a place.
  • Check with your tutor that this is a safe choice to visit.
  • Image: Restored period building
  • Print a street map of the area (search for Google Maps or Multimap, and then enter a postcode or town and road name into the site).
  • Go on a planned walk of your chosen area. Take photos of buildings that use a particular style or material, and mark the building on your map.
  • When you get back, find out more about the building and what it is used for. Label each photo.

As a whole class, join your maps to create a ‘master map’ of your community. Add your photos to create a display.

  • Did you find different styles and materials in different places?
  • What are the buildings used for?




Log in to save your work and track your progress. Ask your teacher for your user name and password.

Functional skills

  • What information will help you to find the right map?
  • What will help you to find out more about a building that you see?
  • Use the right technical language to describe the buildings in your photos.