2.4 Technlogies and styles

What style and materials are best?

Your team must design a new public building for your community. This could be a new school or college, council offices, library, hospital or place of worship – it’s your choice.

  • Click on the pop-up links below and read the descriptions. Use the internet and other sources to find out more about each material:
    • How sustainable is it to make?
    • What effect does it have on the building’s sustainability during use?

The Design Quality Indicator (DQI) process can help to choose the right materials for new buildings.

Imagine that you are leading a DQI workshop to discuss building materials for your project:

  • Present the information on each material to another group of students. These are your workshop participants.
  • Get them to discuss their ideas.
  • They must agree on the materials to use for the new building.





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Functional skills

  • Work alone or in pairs and then combine the information and ideas that you research.
  • How best can you share this information with your ‘DQI’ group, to make your decision?

Enterprise skills

  • Economic and business understanding

The enterprise process:

  • Tackling a problem or need