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CBE Learning brings the construction industry to life. It’s packed with activities that support students with a wide range of career aspirations,
from craft trades to management roles.

CBE Learning will help you to deliver many principal learning units of the 14-19 Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment. It is primarily aimed at Level 2 (Higher) learners, but many activities can be used successfully with those studying at Level 1 (Foundation). See how each section links to your awarding body specifications.

The content is divided into four project phases:

Each phase includes a variety of topics and activities. These encourage students to:

  • explore real situations and extend their learning
  • apply their knowledge and understanding
  • work together, using their skills to solve problems and complete tasks
  • connect their learning to a future career.

Each activity ends with ‘Take it further’: a web page with a brief list of ideas and web links that students can use to develop their understanding and find out more about the topic. The Links page brings these web links together for you in one place.

At the end of each phase, students can enter the SchoolBuilder interactive challenge. Playing SchoolBuilder helps students to review their learning and experience a complex project from beginning to end.

How to use the activities helps you to deliver each section and the SchoolBuilder interactive challenge.

Explore CBE Learning today. Click on one of the phases to see the activities for yourself, or use the links below to find out more about:




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