2.0 How to use the activities

The activities in each phase are structured around sub-topics. They are a flexible resource: you can use each one individually, or create a scheme of work that makes the most of them.

  • Use the introductions as stimulus materials to introduce the topic,
    or to set less able students a reading task.
  • Some activities can be used as short or starter activities.
  • Most can be used alone or with another to create the core of a lesson.
  • A few are best suited as extension activities to catalyse research
    or as a mini-project.
  • The Take it further sections at the end of each topic provide a wealth of ideas for further research and discussion.

It is helpful, but not essential, to familiarise yourself with the main aspects of the Design Quality Indicator (DQI), which is mentioned during several activities. Find out more at www.dqi.org.uk, where you will find a section devoted to how the DQI process is used in the education sector.

To get you started, the ideas below show how you can use the activity pages in each sub-topic. Each subtopic is mapped to the Diploma specifications in the specification links page. Sample answers are provided where appropriate.

Some learners may benefit from scaffolding in the form of a writing frame or sentence starters / prompts for some activities. Sample answers, or guidance on what students should cover, are provided where appropriate. These, along with your understanding of your students needs, can help you to create the right additional support materials for your group.

You don’t have to follow these plans – extract and adapt the starter, main and plenary ideas to fit your own planning.




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