Phase 1: Consultation

1.1 Consultations

These activities explore how the construction industry can involve a community in development decisions.

  • Use Why do buildings matter? as a starter activity and to introduce the importance of the built environment. Students work on their own or in small groups then share their idea as a class.

Role-play a DQI workshop


  • Introduce the scenario and review the roles.

Main activity

  • In groups, students briefly add detail to their scenario and roles.
  • They get into role and put forward and discuss each viewpoint, before agreeing the most important feature for the designers.


  • Gather ideas from each group into a list on the board.
  • Discuss students’ main insights as to the value and importance of consultations.


Easier/Level 1:
Deliver as a whole-class activity. Split into peer groups where stronger students can support weaker ones. Act as ‘chair’ yourself to guide the discussion.

Get students to each prepare a formal one or two-minute presentation with handout.


There is no right/wrong outcome. Make more realistic by using name cards and rearranging the tables in the room.

  • Use Ask your peers what they think as a challenging extension activity for Level 2 learners. This can follow the role-play and make a mini-project to be completed in their own time.




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