Phase 2: Design

The design team

These activities introduce students to design careers and are a starting point for their own career research.

Create a design team


  • Use Who designs a large development? to introduce the scenario.
  • Help students to make connections between technical areas (e.g. electrical wiring) and design specialisms.
  • (You can leave the questions about communication until the end).

Main activity

  • In groups, students complete the Create a design team interactive PowerPoint.
  • They sketch a ‘team chart’ to show who will do what.
  • Groups present back their ideas.


  • Gather ideas from each group – you can create a chart on the board.
  • Discuss which jobs are of interest.

(You can use the communication questions from Who designs a large development?)


Easier/Level 1:
Just create a table on the board to link roles and descriptions – don’t create a structure.

Ask students to create a structure for their team and to justify their ideas.


Set a homework task to research one role and give a one-minute presentation in the next lesson.

Answers: Who designs a large development?

A design team would need to share information that includes: details of the site (terrain, soil type, existing buildings, structures and utilities, contamination etc.); details of each part of the structure (frame, cladding/walls, roof), interior design, lighting design, services, equipment (air conditioning, boiler/heating, lifts, alarm systems).

Documents would include: outline sketches, written specifications, contracts, equipment specifications, technical diagrams, plans and elevations, building regulations and standards.

Answers: Create a design team

Design teams can vary depending on the needs of each project, but most teams would be headed by an Architect, supported by a project planner and quantity surveyor. The main team would comprise of designers and technicians from each of the disciplines that come together to create a complex structure.Download a sample team structure.




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