1.0 Introduction

Using the activities in your teaching

How to use the activities provides guidance on how to deliver each section and the Build an Academy Interactive. Every activity can be used on its own,
or you can link activities and sections to provide a longer chain of tasks.

The guidance provides ideas on how to use the shorter activities, a structured plan for using the main activity in a lesson and brief idea for differentiation or using the activity with Level 1 learners.

Some learners may benefit from scaffolding in the form of a writing frame or sentence starters/prompts for some activities. Sample answers, or guidance on what students should cover, are provided where appropriate. These, along with your understanding of your students needs, can help you to create the right additional support materials for your group.

Each activity ends with ‘Take it further’: a web page with a brief list of ideas and web links that students can use to develop their understanding and find out more about the topic. The Links page brings these web links together for you in one place.




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