1.0 Introduction

The inspiration behind the materials

‘Respect for people and communities’ is one of the core values that inspires and guides the Wates Group. We hope that these activities help your students to appreciate that the construction industry is not just about bricks and mortar, but about the people who will use the buildings and communities that we create. When we respect people, we are inspired to create buildings that work for them.

Since 2005, the Design Quality Indicator (DQI) has transformed how many buildings, public and private, are developed. DQI allows the stakeholders in a new development to articulate their needs and ideas. Using questionnaires, trained facilitators and an online tool, DQI feeds into every stage of the process, from the brief to after the build is occupied.

DQI helps people to have a genuine input into building design in a non-technical way. And it helps everyone – industry and clients – to raise their aspirations about how good the build environment can be.

“The DQI is a welcome innovation as it takes the guess work out of the whole design process. It focuses the team on the needs of the end user, involves all the stakeholders throughout the process and helps develop a more sustainable building. The overall result is an improved product and importantly we can learn from the process because the DQI allows us to measure how the improvements are made.”

Peter Rogers
Chairman of Strategic Forum for Construction and Chairman of Constructing Excellence

Find out more at www.dqi.org.uk




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